EUROBIKE 2022 Ended Perfectly
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EUROBIKE 2022 Ended Perfectly

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First of all, we would like to thank all team members of Banx, their cooperation made this exhibition a big success.

Technology innovations are changing our life, more and more people choose eco-friendly way to work or exercise, they focus on ride feelings. The intelligent products are more popular among consumers.

The latest lightweight and compact design E- Bike Kit Rear Geared Hub Motor Kit S75-Ca-Sy developed by our R&D team are widely praised by customers, our products can be easily integrated. We provided a test riding experience on site, many customers expressed satisfaction after riding.

We will focus on quality improvement, and strive to be the best E-bike Drive System Supplier in CHINA.
Secondly, thanks to many regular customers for visiting our booth, we had technical exchanges and business cooperation discussions.
Although 2022 is a difficult year,  epidemic, complex international situation, global inflation, all make our situation more difficult, but still very happy to hear that most customers could maintain stable growth. All of these make us more determined that we should always do our best to offer high-level products to the markets, quality is always the first element of enterprise survival, is the vitality of the enterprise.
Banx will accompany our customers to grow together, provide a better riding experience for each cyclist, and enjoy a better life. Make more contributions to sustainable development.
Finally, we will seriously summarize this exhibition, improve the shortcomings, and strive to do better next year.

Thank you all for your attention

Looking forward to seeing you in EUROBIKE 2023, thank you for your attention!


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